Braintree & Bocking Swimming Club

Junior Swimmer of the Month

Each month, the Junior Squad coaches will choose a male and female Swimmer of the Month, recognising swimmers who have shown a great attitude to training.

February 2013: Ellie and Josh

Mike has chosen Ellie because her times are improving due to the commitment she shows in training. Ellie recently competed in her first gala for the Club where her age relay team came 1st and 2nd. All her strokes are progressing well and in the recent time trial on 50m Backstroke her time improved considerably.

One of the youngest swimmers in the Club, Josh has been working very hard, especially on his starts. He has recently moved up a group and attends as many sessions as he can. He also recently made a very good improvement on his 50m Backstroke time. Josh is not afraid to ask questions, which helps him improve his swimming.

January 2014:  Francesca Burder, Louie Walker and Cobi Filmer.

Francesca and Cobi’s commitment and enthusiasm for swimming has started to show since September.  Mike says, "Francesca has regained her confidence in diving and she has worked hard in all her strokes especially her butterfly and breaststroke."  Cobi attends as many sessions as possible.  She has worked hard on her strokes and diving, and continues to grow in confidence.  Louie has attended almost every training session since joining us from the Academy.  Mike says, "He listens and works very hard to strive to improve in all aspects of his swimming."



December 2013: Katerina Owen and Euan Higgs

The Junior Swimmers of the Month for December 2013 are Katerina Owen and Euan Higgs.  Katerina joined us from the Academy and has listened and worked hard, and this has shown in the improvement in all of her strokes.  Her attitude towards swimming is excellent.  Euan joined us only a few months ago.  He has made considerable progress due to his commitment to training, and this has shown in the recent time trial.  Both swimmers are very good breaststrokers.

November 2013: Emily Jacob and Thomas Pullen
Mike chose Emily because she has progressed very quickly since joining us from the Academy.  He says, "She regularly attends training and works hard on all her strokes, which shows in the improvement of her times."   This month Thomas achieved his first County time in 50m Breaststroke (his favourite stroke) and continues to work hard in all the other strokes.  Well done to both of you.

October 2013: Daisy Hughes, Nancy Neave and Tarcan Kemal

Daisy and Nancy joined us from the Academy and have both worked very hard so Mike could not just award one of them with Swimmer of the Month.  He says, "both girls regularly attend training and they listen and work well during their sessions.  All their strokes are improving".

 Since Tarcan joined the club he has made the pool his second home and attends all the training sessions he can.  Mike says, "he is a very enthusiastic member of the Junior section and works hard". 


September 2013: Gabriella Godfrey and Adam Osborne


Mike chose Gabriella because she has listened and worked hard since joining the club. He says, "Gabriella has recently gone up to Secondary school and has found the walk to and from school tiring, and the homework, but this hasn't stopped her attending most sessions and giving her best in training. I hope her hard work and dedication will pay off for her in the future".
Adam has been in the Junior Squad for a while but in the last few months he has worked really hard, and it has shown in his times. Mike says, "Keep listening and working; you are going in the right direction".

 July 2013: Beth Rushall and Frankie Selwood

The Junior Swimmers of the month for July are Beth Rushall and Frankie Selwood.  Both Beth and Frankie have moved into the top squad of the Juniors (Platinum) due to their commitment and hard work.  All of Beth’s strokes in the past few months have improved as she has been listening and working hard on correcting technical mistakes on her starts and turns.  Since moving to Braintree, Frankie has missed hardly any training sessions and his commitment to training has shown in his improved strokes and times.


June 2013: Olivia Campe and James Wicks

Olivia has always worked hard and has grown in confidence in recent months. She is listening to advice and applying what she is being told and this is paying off; both her strokes and times are showing improvement. Mike says, “I must mention Olivia’s diving. This has shown a very big improvement as she has started to overcome her fear of diving, and this has helped her times”.  

James was one of the first swimmers to be awarded ‘Swimmer of the Month’ when Mike took over the Junior Section, and this will be the last time he receives it as he moves up into another section of the club. Mike says, “James is in a group of swimmers who work very hard and are full of enthusiasm for swimming, but this month James’s strokes, especially his butterfly, have really taken off”.



May 2013: Millie Mai Kent and Samuel Rennie

Mike Woods has awarded Millie Mai Kent and Samuel Rennie as the ’Junior Swimmers of the Month’ for May.

Millie was chosen because she has worked really hard since joining the club. Mike says “She lost confidence in her diving, but with the encouragement and help from the coaching staff, Millie Mai has regained her confidence and is diving again. Her strokes and times continue to improve.

Samuel won this award back in October 2012 and since then has won medals at an Open Meet and represented the Club in the M11 league. Mike says “Sam’s stokes and strength continue to improve and his enthusiasm serves him well. He trains regularly and hard and has made good friends, who as a group, work well together”.


April 2013: Isabel Beresford-Cole and Owen Thomas
Both swimmers are enjoying the set-up of the Junior section. Coach Mike Woods is pleased with how hard Isabel has worked, especially on her breaststroke. “At the Harlow Winter Sprint Open Meet Isabel got some fantastic PB’s and medals and more recently she swam well in the M11 league team."

 Owen, who came to the club from the Fusion Swim School, has enjoyed the extra sessions offered to him in a competitive training environment. Mike says, “His stamina has improved along with his strokes, but most importantly he has learned how to dive from the block”.

 Congratulations to both of you and keep up the good work!



March 2013: Hannah Carmoody and Harry Briffa
The Junior Coach states, “Hannah has been determined to improve; over the last few months she has listened and worked very hard on improving her strokes. Harry has improved considerably on his diving; his determination is starting to show, especially in breaststroke and he is very keen to ask where he can improve”. 



February 2013: Mia Harris, Sophia Milson and Jacob Kitching.

Mike said it was too difficult a decision to split Mia and Sophia this month, so he decided to award both of them.  He states “Both girls have hardly missed a training session since Christmas and this has been reflected in their fitness and improvement in their stroke times”.  Of Jacob he says, “Jacob works very hard and is enthusiastic in training.  He has impressed me how hard he has worked on his breaststroke.  Sisters – watch out!”

January 2013: Georgia Thomas and Calum Latta

The first Junior Swimmers of the month for 2013 are Georgia Thomas of Junior Bronze and Calum Latta in Junior Silver.  Mike is very impressed with the enthusiasm and commitment they have shown to their training. He states, ”Both Georgia and Calum are focused and have worked very hard at improving their stroke work”.

December 2012: Jasmine Horsham and Morgan Foster

Mike has been impressed with both Jasmine and Morgan’s commitment to their swimming. He says, ‘This, together with their hard work and good concentration has helped them both improve on all of their strokes. Jasmine has worked very hard and has now moved into a new squad and I wish her well and Morgan continues to gain confidence and strength in his swimming’. 


November 2012: Aimee Cade and Charles Rennie

Aimee has worked very hard on all her strokes, which has been reflected in her recent time trials.  She is enthusiastic and willing to learn to improve in all aspects of her swimming.

Charles has been swimming very well and again this has been reflected in his recent time trials.  He is keen to learn and in particular has really improved on his diving.  I am sure he has enjoyed soaking me whilst practising his dives!



October 2012: Lauren Jacob and Samuel Rennie


The Junior swimmers of the month for October are Lauren Jacob and Samuel Rennie.  Lauren has not been at the club very long but has listened and worked very hard.  She has progressed well in all strokes, and her starts are beginning to improve too.  Sam’s enthusiasm to training has started to pay off.  His technique has developed well and so has his stamina.  He is keen to swim for the Club next year when he turns 9.  Well done to you both !   To all the Junior swimmers - keep enjoying your swimming and training hard !


September 2012: Leanne Chinnery and James Wicks

Well done to both swimmers.  Leanne has worked very hard on all her strokes and extremely hard on her diving.  She attends as many training sessions as possible.  James is a very enthusiastic swimmer.  He has become more focused in his training and this is showing in his times. 

July 2012: Gemma Gray and Cameron Tanner

Gemma has increased her training sessions and a willingness to listen and put into practice instructions.  She is working very hard at the moment to improve on her diving.  Cameron is a very enthusiastic and hard working swimmer.  He is showing improvement in all aspects of his swimming.  Very well done to the both of you !

June 2012: Ciara Wookey and Michael Freeman

Ciara has improved on her concentration in training and this has considerably improved her technique.  She is a very enthusiastic and cheerful member of the junior section.  Michael has continued to work hard and attend more training sessions.  This has been reflected in his time trials recently.  Very well done to you both !

May 2012: Amelia McCormack and Harry McLagan

Both swimmers have benefitted from working hard and increasing their training.  Their commitment and hard work has paid off as they have both been moved up a group.  Amelia’s confidence has grown, and this has shown especially  in her starts.  She has performed well at recent galas.  Harry has shown good commitment and the last couple of galas he participated in he had to swim against older swimmers which he was not daunted by.  Well done to you both and keep up the excellent work !

April 2012: Charlotte Hooks and Harry Beney

The Junior Swimmers of the month for April are Charlotte Hooks and Harry Beney. Mike states, ”Charlotte has worked hard in her swimming and has increased the amount of sessions she attends.  This has helped to improve her stroke and her times.  Harry has worked really hard at improving his strokes, and moved up from Rookies to Junior C. Keep up the good work! 

I am very impressed with the enthusiasm all our Junior swimmers are putting into their swimming.  Well done!”

March 2012: Ellie Runnals and Harvey Ellis

Ellie has shown a great deal of improvement in her swimming over the last couple of months.  Her commitment to training is very good, and she listens well and asks questions.  Harvey puts a lot of effort into his swimming, even though he is also a rugby player.  Both swimmers have a great attitude towards the sport – well done both of you !

February 2012: Megan English and Alfie Vale

Megan is an enthusiastic member of the club.  Megan is currently too young to compete for the club but this does not stop her attending as many training sessions as she can.  Megan is improving all the time.  Alfie listens and trains hard and earlier in the month he swam very well, obtaining some good times, for the Mini League team. 

January 2012: Carmen Salthouse and Daniel Lambert

The Junior Swimmers of the Month are Carmen Salthouse and Daniel Lambert. Carmen sensibly asks when she doesn’t understand what she should be doing, and has been working hard especially on her starts.  Daniel is full of enthusiasm and improving all the time.  Well done to you both !

December 2011: Jade Okusaga and Archie Ellis

Jade and Archie have both shown that they have been able to listen and carry out instructions on improving their strokes.  They also seem to enjoy the challenges set in training.  Well done to you both and keep working hard to improve even more!

November 2011: Myles English and Annabelle Kitching

 Annabelle has trained very well recently, always shows enthusiasm which often brushes off on the other swimmers.  She swam well at the Braintree 200 meet and also the Club Championships and has gained a number of County times.

Myles attends most training sessions and also shows enthusiasm for the sport.  Again during the Braintree 200 meet and Club Championships he gained several County times.

Well done to you both !  It was a difficult decision to make as there is such great enthusiasm in the Junior section of the club at present.  Keep working hard and listening hard and next month it could be you !

September 2011: Kieran Walsh and Charlotte Matthews

Kieran came back from the summer break really focused and ready to work hard in training, completed all sets, listened to the coaches and put into practice any advice they gave on his swimming.

Charlotte has shown an excellent attitude to training and worked really hard.  She has swum some great T15's and set new pb's in competition, as well as being a good role model for other swimmers.